About Us

Olaeduconsult is a fully registered company in Nigeria  , it was established to meet the demands from students and institutions for professional and independent marketing , recruitment and university/college placement services.

We offer free counseling services to people that wants to study abroad but are confused on where to go and how to go about it.

Olaeduconsult provides marketing and recruitment services for international education provider with scholarship through it core activities including:

.Education marketing and Recruitment services, Free counseling service for intended students to determine preferred course ,visa interview training service , university and colllege scholarship placement and educational  conference service



Who Are We

We are one of the world’s leading educational consultant offering all services to help students achieve their dream

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent and qualitative services for our clients with  one objectives to contribute visibly in bringing them to the forefront of the global economy 

Our Vision

Creating ideas to transform education bringing in international scholarships and businesses to both africa and where it may be profitable

Our History

Adepoju Olaoluwa Educational Consultant is a leading international education agency in Nigeria and so many other countries , having over 4 years of professional student placement and visa counseling service experience, representing and placing student for their language course, Foundational programs , undergraduate, masters and PhD programs at top and world ranked institution around the world, focusing mainly on countries with scholarship offers like China, India , Russia , Turkey , Italy , Germany, Switzerland,Belarus, Vietnam and so on .

We focus more on scholarship unlike other companies  we look into universities that can offer our students scholarship from the range of 50% upward even fully funded scholarships .

Please take your time to explore our website and as you may require any additional information  please feel free to contact us at our office address , Email , or phone number

Happy viewing and we look forward to hearing from you anytime soon once you make your decision

Our Scholarship Process

Document Evaluation

There are different kind of scholarships in the world with different documents and requirements , we take student documents and evaluated it according to their preference and the university preference , and after evaluation we return back with preference eligibility and recommendation with acceptance rate .

Service is free of charge but in some case where we have to send documents through postal mail to the university the student will have to take care of the charges.

Application Submission

After evaluation students are obligated to fill scholarship application form and return the form back to us for processing.

Application Payment

Most scholarship application do not require application fee while some are compulsory , application fee may include ,DHL fee and university application fee document translation fee and so on , we are established to help students so in any case fees are affordable and may be within the range of 50$-200$, reason for charges will always be stated.

International School Evaluation

This is the university evaluation to check and confirm the students document and eligibility again even after our evaluation in-case documents are found to be forged then application may or can be rejected

Admission Letter issuing & Arrival

After university evaluation then admission letter is issued and after students confirmation visa letter in some country like china it is called JW201 or JW202 , some countries issue electronic admission letter and visa letter but countries like Vietnam, china and so on you cant apply for visa without JW201 and original admission letter from the university

Application success

After all documents are delivered to student then we await our service charges as discussed with the student,  and also , we advice students to book their flight ticket with us to avoid any unnecessary error

Why Choose Us?

Unlike any other educational consultant we claim to be the best and we simply have no worthy competitor in our field as over 99% of educational consultant company out there recommend university with huge tuition fee not affordable for applicant

We assist student with free document evaluation to enable then know their eligibility status and rate of acceptance

We are with you throughout the process till you graduate from the university we have you covered

we hold pre-departure briefings for all our students to make traveling an easier process for them

We offer word ranking universities with good international student opportunities and offers

We offer and we give full guarantee  of any scholarship offer we give to you , Zero scamming chance

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